Gippsland Wedding Photographer + Filmmaker

Now, I love a golden sunset over an open field as much as the next person but...

People is where it's at for me. I love what I do because I'm drawn to the human element - I'm interested in faces that can express the full spectrum of emotions and in what's being said in the subtle language of the body. The interactions between two people - or a room full of people - can speak volumes.  But on top of shooting itself, I adore working with my couples and getting to know them. It's the biggest perk of this dream job.

"We couldn't be happier.
She was absolutely lovely,
easy to deal with and our

guests still rave about her!"

- Jessica and Jordan

over perfection


I'd much rather let your personalities shine than force things to be 'picture perfect'. I want you to recognise yourselves in your images and have them serve as reminders of who you really are and how you love. I believe an imperfect photo that shows an authentic moment means more than a perfectly crafted one devoid of character.

over props


The shoes, the dress, the flowers - I know so much thought has gone into them. But my focus will be on the faces you'll want to remember years down the track. If the scenario arises, I'll be hanging out in the kitchen with you and your besties as you belt out nineties hits, rather than spend half the morning setting up detail shots. These are the memories you'll want to come back to, promise. 

not a production


It's not all about the photoshoot. It's not about excessive lights, elaborate set ups or shot-lists 5 pages long. It's your day and your celebration -  and I'm there to document it for you while making sure you get to focus on the important things - like having the time of your life. So crack open the champers, turn the music up and enjoy the moments as they unfold naturally.

it's a 



On A WEDDING DAY I see it as my job to

Wander and observe

Witness and anticipate

Encourage and hold space

Celebrate and create with you

It's not my job to force you into cheesy or awkward posing, exhaust you or orchestrate the day as if it's all about the photoshoot. Unless you're a full time model - being in front of the camera can be intimidating! I get it. It's my job to make it as easy and stress free for you as possible. And your job? Just have a damn good time. Do that, and the photos and video will take care of themselves.