still and moving images

Still AND moving images.

For weddings full of feeling.

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Combining photography & filmmaking

Let me transport you back to the feeling, not just the moment.

I use a combination of both photography and video to help you remember how it felt, and to best tell the story of your day.

Weddings are a smorgasbord of joyous connection. A monumentous intimate celebration. Your love bouncing off the walls, lighting up the people around you, sparking wide eyed grins, happy tears and dance floor mayhem.

I want you to see that. I want you to feel that. Long after the tables are packed up and the dress has been put away, I want to take you back there.

Whether it’s flipping through your album or sitting down to watch your film, I want your memories to make you feel the same way you did on your wedding day.

"Emma it is honestly amazing. We can’t believe the attention to detail you have given. Nothing has been missed and it is simply the best thing in the world to sit back and watch our magical day come together so perfectly! Thank you is just not enough! You have kicked our expectations out of the park and beyond! Can’t wait to watch this each and every year."

— Charlie and Andrew

My Philosophy

My work is to create time capsules. Time capsules you can dig up five, ten, twenty years in the future when you need to be instantaneously taken back to a time and place that fills you with joy. That’s what I’m here for.

And for the right now. Because right now, I want to know if you’ve ever seen the way your face lights up when you catch sight of your lover. I guarantee they know it well. And I bet you know that smile, the one they’ll never flash when asked to, but the one that leaps across their face when they’re having a good time. The one you fell in love with.

I want to capture that for you, for the right now - to show you exactly what love looks like between the two of you, and how it’s reflected back in the many eyes and the faces of those who love you the most.

Your wedding day is a celebration, not a production. It’s brimming with authentic moments - joy, laughter, tears - that will seemingly fly past you on the day. Let me slow them down and hand them back. Real moments, real feelings, for life.

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“I love love love all our pictures, you are a magician!”

— Carly and Josh

Who I am

This is me - Emma, the face behind the camera.

Based in Melbourne, I believe in celebrating the big and small things in life, that good friends are worth their weight in gold and that family is everything.

And that there is nothing better than a walk in the morning sun, hand in hand with my man, trailed by one ridiculously giant dog and one itsy bitsy one.


How I work

I’m a little ol fashioned, I’m going to want to meet. Emails are great, phone calls even better, but nothing beats getting to know each other over a good flat white…or pinot noir. I want you to get a feel for me - so you can see if we’re vibing before inviting me along to hang out on one of your most important days.

Do I really shoot both video and photography, together, at the same time, on the same camera? I sure do!

Do you have a dog? Will they be part of the wedding? Good. I like you already. Forget coffee - let’s meet at the dog park.


“You. Are. The. Best. I have not stopped hearing from everyone today how amazing you are!! Everyone thought you did the best job and were so lovely and Glenn can’t stop saying ‘I love Emma’ although he is definitely still drunk!! Thank you for being an incredible part of our day and so chilled and for everything. We both love you xx”

— Elle and Glenn