still and moving images


Hi I’m Emma.

I take photos and I create films.

I can do one or I can do both.

But the reason is always the same.

I want to help you remember. Not just what it looked like, but how it felt.

I want you to remember the feelings.

The nerves of anticipation. The overwhelming sense of joy that brings tears along with the laughter.

The 'I-never-want-this-night-to-end' feeling.

I want to remind you how it happened.

And what it felt like.

I want to remind you of the little looks and the loving gestures. The laughter. The faces beaming back at you. Proud parents. Best friends. What it feels like to have all your favourite people in the one room.

The smile he saves only for you.

The way your eyes light up in return.

That speech. That song. Mayhem on the dance floor.

I want you to see it from the outside, so you can remember how it felt on the inside.

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