still and moving images

Family photography the way it should be - celebrating the beauty in your real life.


Using still and moving images to tell the story of this moment in your lives.


I take photos. I create films. I can do one or I can do both.

But the reason is always the same.

I want to help you remember. Not just what it looked like, but how it felt.

I want you to remember the feelings.  

The way your little one scrunches her nose up when she laughs.

The sound of your little boy as he squeals while riding his bike.

I want to remind you what life looked like.

And how it felt. 

I want to remind you of the long days that will soon be a distant memory. I want to capture the little pockets of time that you’ll want to go back to revisit. The way little hands would tug on yours. Little dancing bums. Kisses on the nose and cheeky smiles.

I want them to see how much you loved them and what life was like before memories could really set. I want them to see the joy in your eyes as they run towards you. To see how small and safe they looked scooped up in your arms. To know that they’ve been surrounded by a world of love, from the moment they were born.

It’s for you - and it’s for them.

I’ll show you what it looks like from the outside, so you can remember how it felt on the inside.


My session fee for a 1-2 hour shoot in your home or another location meaningful to you is $150. This does not include prints or digital files, which can be purchased after the shoot. For a full range of packages and products, click here.

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