Congratulations. You're getting married!


The champagne's been popped, the emotional phone calls to the family have been made and you're still basking in the unexpected little jolt of joy you get when introducing your 'fiancé'. 

A wedding is a celebration like no other. It's a declaration of love that gets to be witnessed and shared with all your friends and family.  It's one of the only times in your lives where you have all your favourite people in the same room together, celebrating with you and for you. It's a time to reflect on everything that's happened to bring you to this point, to make promises for the future - and to let your hair down and  party the night away.

Between getting engaged and throwing one heck of a celebration with your love, there's a lot of planning to do and a lot of decisions to make. 

Looks like you're at the photography decision making part then right?


Choosing your photographer is among one of the bigger decisions to be made. After all, you'll want to be able to look back on your wedding day and not just see what everyone and everything looked like, you want to be able to remember what it felt like. And it's going to feel pretty special.

So how to choose a photographer? Here are my top three tips.  

Check out their work.

There are many different styles when it comes to wedding photography. Do you connect with their style? Does it make you feel something? Will it suit the vibe you're hoping for on the day? 

Get to know them.

At least a little. You'll be hanging out a lot together on the day, so you want someone you can be comfortable around. Meeting for coffee in person to see if you gel is always a good bet.

Unpack their packages.

Check out what they offer that best suits your budget. Are the high resolution images included? An album? Video? Will they stay the entire day or only several hours?

Oooh ... and a bonus tip! Get in early - most photographers book out 12 months in advance on popular dates.