Talk about baby blues. These kids - those eyes! I was melting. How could you ever say no to these little faces?

This shoot was a little different to my usual at-home family shoots. For weeks, mum Nadine and I were planning this shoot, with Nadine collecting bits and pieces to bring along - a crocheted blanket that had been in the family for decades, an old suitcase that carried years of memories, even an eski from the 70's that had seen its fair share of childhood picnics - all the while trying to keep it a secret from her husband Billy. 

Billy was about to celebrate his 40th birthday and Nadine wanted to surprise him with photos of their two gorgeous kids celebrating his favourite decade - the 70's, complete with a Kombi, guitars and daisy chains. I hear Billy is a big softie at heart and that he may have shed a tear or two when he saw these. I think it's safe to say these little baby blues are going to have that effect for some years to come!