I first met Dani 25 years ago...we were probably building sandcastles in the kindergarten playground. We don't get to see each other all the time, but over the years we drift back into each other's lives and I'm always grateful we do. There's not too many friends I've known for a quarter of a century and not too many people that have as tenacious a character as Dani.

For the past three years Dani has thrown herself into learning about and accessing different therapy treatments for her beautiful son Jakob. Earlier in the year they flew to the US for the second time to participate in intensive therapy that has seen Jakob come leaps and bounds.

This mama and her son make an incredible team. They are full of determination, they take whatever life throws at them head on and their love for each other radiates. They are an inspiration to me.

You can read more of Jakob's story and follow along on his journey here.