I've got such a soft spot for sisters, having grown up only 13 months apart from my own. There's a special type of friendship that only a sister can know - the years of sharing secrets in the middle of the night, the ability to know exactly what the other is thinking from a slight change in expression. The beauty of being able to raid each other's wardrobes. 

A friend who has been there from the day you were born.

That's pretty special.

(But let's get real - we did fight like cat and dog growing up too! That's the beauty of sibling friendships - by the time you've grown up, you only remember the good stuff!).

These two girls reminded me so much of me and my sister during this photoshoot. The littlest, Katerina, followed around her older sister and was happy to join in on whatever game she chose, making sure to stick close to her when she was feeling a bit shy, her big sister's presence making everything ok.

They are your first friend and there's nothing quite like them.

See the session in full below:

Kind words from Melonie:

"Oh Emma! Love love love them...
Will struggle to choose which to have on display because there are so many I love. You are brilliant. What an honor having you come over and snap us. You really are a talented person and not only are you brilliant at what you do you also have a beautiful aura that compliments your work. Thank you so much again and we most definitely have to arrange to have you photograph one of our events...I just wish I knew you at their first birthdays and baptisms!"