There's a sweet spot when it comes to photographing babies. Some photographer's love that sleepy, curled up beautiful newborn stage, but my favourite would have to be between 6-9 months. I love a little filled out face - and those expressions! (Paddy was full of them!). I especially love when they are old enough to sit up - but not yet old enough to crawl away (from me!). Because once they start crawling, man can they go fast!! 

But this age is great for tickles and giggles and a chance to let their little personality shine through.

See the full session below:

Kind words from Janelle:

"Emma!!! You've outdone yourself, so fantastic!! Brought a tear to my eye I must admit!!! (And a few laughs looking at our cheeky boy)!! So amazing how much he's changed even since that day. Such a beautiful day, thanks for capturing that moment in time for us. You're such an amazing talent and we can't thank you enough!!!"