I'm Emma and this is my giant beast, Handsome Dutch. Don't worry, I won't bring him along to our shoot (unless you ask really nicely).


My Philosophy

Home has a special place in my heart. The memories. The familiarity and the feeling of comfort. But most of all, the people.

To feel at home, is to be at home.

It's always a privilege to be invited into someone's home, to get a glimpse of the people they are when the rest of the world has been left at the front door. 

That's why I'll come to you. You don't need to bundle the kids in the car and worry about driving half way across the city. 

Tell me your favourite things to do - and that's what we'll do.

Love story time in the big, old chair in the lounge room? Settle in.

Your little one has an obsession with the parsley in the garden? Let's go pick a bunch. 

Someone has suggested a tickle war on the big bed? Don't walk - run!

I want to show you what a celebration of your family looks like. It'll be crazy, chaotic and so much fun.